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FCGD Merry Oaks Good  Gollie Gurdie
Gee is off of FC Wrights Little Deacon X FC Ghost Rider Jill !!!!!!!She is leading UBGF 13inch female all age.And is a 2011 UBGF Triple award winner.
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Quicktime Required
Troop died at 13 1/2 I gun hunted him till he was 12 he was 110% rabbit dawg first. This picture was taken when he was 11.
I sold Res NSPC Junior to Roy Ivey 770-714-6209.I wil be breeding a few Scout females to Junior!!!
Scout has extreme hunt and power.He comes  out of a check like a slingshot,He finished with 6 blue ribbons 5 wins in little and 1 in big .As long as it is not summer time and the snakes are not crawlin I will show him anyway you want to see him.Nothing to Hide!!
Apollo is a full brother to scout just a couple of years youngerand a littermate to bigtime he has a first and a second.He is owned by Heath Garland
Bigtime finished at 24 months old in dominating fashion he runs a rabbit with intent to eat!!!! Bigtime is a full brother to Scout and littermate to Apollo.He is -now owned by Roy Ivey   770-714-6209
This is a very short video of Scout soloing at 10 months old we will try to make a better one this fall